Lovely Miss Tina posted about “good” days today.

She asked what constitutes a “good” day for the rest of us.

Yesterday was a good day for me.

A VERY good day.

I spent three hours at church, helping at a wedding, and then spent five hours at YP’s house.

With K, L, H, J (K’s boyfriend), and YP.

We watched Despicable Me, Lion King (really just listened), and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.

And played Morphology, this new game that YP just bought.

It’s kinda confusing at first, and sort ot difficult, but it was fun!

We ate plenty of food, too.

So that’s what equals a “good” day for me—helping, playing, listening, watching, laughing, and just beight with friends.

What about you? What equals a “good” day for you? Was today a good one?