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So I worked tonight.

Went fine. A little boring, but not terrible.

Then I went to church.

“Band practice.”

Except not like I’m used to.

Different people, and stuff wasn’t already put in. I ended up putting the songs and stuff in while they were practicing.

YP is preaching and singing Sunday, and gave me the key to the room, and after they were done practicing I heard him say something about how I’d left? Um, no, I’m right here, silly!

So then I ended up staying another hour or something, working on stuff for Sunday. With YP and BG! 🙂 It was fun. 🙂

All in all, spent three hours at church.

And WHILE I was at church, I was texting my BFFs about possibly going to Narnia tomorrow (the movie…). Sounds like it probably won’t happen. But anyway. So I was texting BFFs K & L and the conversation with L started out about plans and that turned into my whining about how I don’t fit in anywhere. Eventually, we got to this:

Me: Blargh. Life is weird.

L: I think it’s what you make it.

Me: Which means I need to be more positive. Known that for a while. Need to work harder/more at giving it to Jesus, i think.

L: There ya go. 🙂


I ❤ L. 🙂

A lot.

I also ❤ time spent with YP and BG, listening to them sing random lines and make fun of each other.

And that BG opened my car door for me. Yay! She rocks. 🙂

And that YP helped me scrape the ice off of my car.



I’m watching Narnia: LWW AND PC next Saturday. With a friend. Whom I do not see often enough. So I’m excited.

Hence, thankfulness in the midst of annoyance. Slight annoyance, but annoyance nonetheless.

God’s been showing me quite a bit of stuff this year. Hopefully next year I’ll learn even MORE!

Because, you know, I ❤ learning. 😉