So, I shared Resolutions last night.

What can I share today?

How about how I started off this new year?

NYE, I watched Criminal Minds (one ep?), Men In Black, and Back to the Future (2 & 3).

BttF ended at 12:30, and by 12:42, I had two “Happy New Year” text messages.

I fell asleep probably about one AM. Not sure. If so, that’s the fastest I’ve ever fallen asleep, that I can remember. Which is amazing.

Anyway. I ended 2010 with 100 tweets and not-quite-30 followers. See below:

 And then I started off 2011 like this:

Almost 30 followers. That’s pretty cool. 🙂 (I think it went back to 28 somehow. I’m confused. Someone stopped following? …Whatever.)

And yes, I did have soup for breakfast. And lunch. Kind of.

It was yummy. And my mom rocks. 🙂

And now I’m blogging.

My sister is working, J is with a friend until tomorrow, and Mom & Dad went out shopping or something.

I’m thinking about going to see Narnia, but… not sure.

Maybe I’ll stay home.

I should probably clean my room sometime today.

And maybe order my books for school, since we start up again in about a week…

And read my Bible! I think I’ll start at the beginning, with Genesis. I’m not sure if I’ll go in order of placement in the Bible (Gen, Ex, Lev, Num, Deut, etc), or if I’ll try to go chronologically, in order of when they were written. Probably the former, just because it’s easier.

Also, I’m seeing a lot of stuff about beer pong and hangovers and such.

Yeah, no.

A) Not even 20 yet! (March!)

B) Just no. Me drinking is never happening. I don’t care how “fun” or “healthy” an occasional glass of something might be, I’m not going to risk drunkenness and accidents. I lost my best friend to a drunk driver. I’m not risking making someone else go through that pain.

I’m not bashing you for drinking, just letting you know that in 2012, when I’m old enough to drink, I’m going to do my best to avoid it.

It’s a personal choice, just like a lot of other things.

So if we’re hanging out in 2012 and you want to have a few drinks, I’m not going to stop you (unless you have way too many).

In fact, how about this: I’ll be designated driver! Just give me a a GPS first… 😉