If you haven’t seen January 2nd’s episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, this post is pretty much spoiler-central.

I don’t get to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition much anymore, since I’m usually with my girls on Sunday nights until at least 8, but tonight I’m watching.

And guess what?

The family on tonight’s episode is FROM MY STATE!

They live in Moorhead, which is… like probably five hours from me. Maybe further than that. Anyway.

I was crying just watching the preview earlier tonight.

This little boy is INCREDIBLE. His house doesn’t work for him, but there’s really nothing wrong with it, so he wants to give it to someone who needs it.

I. Love. Garrett.

And paying it forward.

This year is going to be a good one.

I’m going to work at paying it forward, focusing on others instead of myself, giving more of my time and energy to “decreasing world-suck” and stuff.

Also, I want to visit Vermont.

And perhaps Quantico, Virginia.

Paul DiMeo is a Junior FBI Agent. Awesome! 🙂

Soyeah. EM:HE got me thinking about stuff, and I wanted to share. 🙂