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Deliveries tonight took FOREVER.

Although one stop took me less time than usual, which was nice.

But one confused me–this place needs to change their address. =(

I got there after work, and then did like five more stops.

Took me nearly an hour.

Left the store around 7:10 and got home at 8:05. Ewwwwwww.

Then I continued my afternoon activity of watching Hank Green play Assassin’s Creed on YouTube. It entertained me. I watched all 29 videos today. That was how bored I was. I found myself laughing a lot, which was nice. I think it was the most I’ve laughed in a while. Thank you, Hank Green. 🙂

And now I’m trying to convince myself to read Genesis 4.

I was going to play our old Secret Agent Barbie computer game, but when I went to play it, I realized my mom had sold it on a garage sale. Sad. Day. Watching Hank play AC made me feel like playing a cool ninja-ish game, and that was one of the only cool ninja-ish games we had. 😦


But that’s okay I guess…

I find myself wanting to play video games now.

We don’t have video games, and we don’t really have any good computer games any more, either.

So, that’s a dilemma.

Although, my mom and sister were talking about the Wii a while back… Maybe that’ll happen and we can get some fun mission-type games there.

I used to play video games at daycare, but… we don’t have any in our house.

And I think if I start playing, I might get super-addicted. =\


There is a way I can do missions in real life.

Operation Beautiful, and other Random Acts of Kindness. 🙂

Come to think of it, those might make me happier than video games…

Haha. 🙂


Off to read Genesis 4 and listen to some Glorious Unseen!

(Also, only a couple of hours of TV today! Most of my screen-time was watching Hank. XD)