I have at least two people to pray for this week…

My friend N’s grandmother is not doing well.


She’s pretty much the caretaker of the family, and gets sick pretty frequently.

This week she’s been in the hospital at least since yesterday, and I’m afraid.

Bleeding, and they weren’t sure why. At least, they weren’t yesterday. They couldn’t check her out until she’d stabilized, and it sounded like she was getting there last I checked with N.

And then there’s little B-man, my cousin’s little guy.

He’s got fevers like crazy, and they can’t figure out what’s wrong with him.

This is a… two-year-old, about.

He’s adorable.

And I’m slightly afraid for him.

I really hope that the doctor can figure out what’s wrong, and that it’s treatable.

But ’til then, I’m sure that my family would appreciate all the prayers we can get! And my friend’s family, too.

On a semi-happier note: work tonight went fine.

And before work today, and yesterday, I spent my time watching Hank Green play Assassin’s Creed on his YouTube channel (hankgames).

It’s rather entertaining, if you don’t mind the cursing.

I try to ignore that part.

But Hank’s commentary is so. funny.

“Infinite Grid” is my new favorite song. 😀

Yesterday I watched 29 videos. Today I watched the latest two. Total of 31. He does one a day, and it’s so much fun to watch.


And now I’m watching Extreme Couponing.

Holy Obsession Batman…

I wonder if the store I work at has a limit on coupons and purchases…?

Some of these people, all the stuff they buy doesn’t get them anything, because it’ll all expire before they get to use it.

And c’mon, who needs 100 boxes of pasta?

Oh. My church, maybe, when we do our free dinners, or our Christmas party, or something.

For real? Don’t even hoarde it, people. Give it to your local food shelf or something.

This is insane. But I can’t stop watching.

Uhhhh… yeah.

I’m going to stop talking (typing) and watch TV.

And probably read Genesis. 🙂