But instead I’m blogging.

Quickly, I promise!

Just poppin’ up to update.

My cousin’s son is all right. Just ear infections, mostly Meds are helping.

Not sure about my friend N’s grandma. 😦

I worked tonight, and was asked to work all day tomorrow, giving me two hours to prep myself for 15 hours with Junior High kids. Ohhhhhh boy. Hopefully I’ll take a nap (and perhaps a shower) and maybe get in some Internet time before, but we’ll see. I can go 15+ hours without internet! I promise. 🙂

I showered tonight so that my hair doesn’t freeze in the cold air (because I let it air-dry), so I’m getting up an hour before I have to be at work to eat, hopefully read my Bible a bit, and … stuff. Prepare a lunch, maybe? Eh. Who knows. I’ll see.

But now I think I need to go to bed…