And I apologize for not blogging in the last … four days??

I meant to yesterday, but got distracted and lazy and… yeah.

I’m going to update you very quickly and see if it’s possible to post this at 11:11 my time. Even though I’ve never been all that supersticious (and I failed at spelling)… 😉

So Friday night (morning) I got about three hours of sleep, thanks to JH girls.

But other than that the retreat was fine.

I was supposed to hang out and watch Narnia with my friend N, but her grandmother died on Saturday. So. That didn’t happen. I went with a lady from church to visit them for a bit on Sunday afternoon, brought them some food and stuff.

Funeral is Thursday. I’m leaving History a little early, I think, to get there on time.

I started school yesterday.

My Interpers Comm prof, Tom, is nice enough. So far. Our first assignment is humiliating ourselves—as groups, doing skits. Yay.

Intercult Comm went fine. I’ve already had Ms. Ruth as a prof before, and I like her a lot. Today was just intro stuff, really, but it went well.

Now I’m eating lunch (first time blogging from school!!) and getting ready to go to History at noon.

I might buy my books today. I was waiting to see if I absolutely needed them, because they’re freaking expensive. I know I need the Comm books. We’ll see about History.

Annnnnd…. publish! At 11:11. I’m awesome. 🙂

OH! AND Happy birthday to baby B!! 🙂