As I Tweeted a little bit ago, I was vulnerable with my group of Junior High girls tonight.


And now I’m blogging about is, as promised. 🙂

So tonight was Week Two of To Save A Life.

YP asked us at the start of the night to think about Facebook (or Twitter, I suppose, but he didn’t say that). Think about the people you know on Facebook. What if one of your friends posted a note or a status saying that he or she was going to kill him/herself. That they felt unloved, invisible, worthless. That they’d tried the “God” thing and were just done. That they were just done.

This could be your last chance to convince them. What would you say?

YP had us write out a note to this person.

I’ve already experienced this, a little. I have a friend who posts depressing things. And I jump on her every time, reminding her that she’s beautiful and worth it and that I love her.

My note talked about how I feel unloved, unwanted, desperate, invisible at times.

But then I ask myself the question: Who would I be hurting by killing myself?

Who would cry if I died? Who would be mad at me? Who would give up on themself because I am their rock?

The answers surprise me, sometimes.

Sometimes I’m at the point where it feel likes nobody cares, and it’s hard to believe people when they tell me that they love me, that they care.

But one little thing will break through my wall and bring everything crumbling to the ground. ONE POSITIVE COMMENT can turn my entire life around, make me realize that I AM WORTH IT, I AM LOVED, and I AM WANTED.

I was vulnerable with my girls tonight.

I was reading a thing to them, something that Jim Britts wrote that YP provided for us to go through.

At one point (at the end, after we read through Luke 19:1-10), I brought up the point that you’re not alone. Sort of brought it up, anyway.

I talked about how even as junior highers, they will (and maybe already do) run into people who feel like crap, like theire life isn’t worth living. Maybe it’ll be one of the girls in the circle feeling that way someday. Maybe they already do. I don’t know. I didn’t ask them to share. I just shared my experience.

I didn’t go into huge details, when or why or anything like that. I just talked about how I have a friend like this, and that I myself have gone through points where I wonder if my life is even worth living any more. I don’t know how many times I’ve felt worthless, stupid, unloved, unwanted, invisible. Too many times to count. Too many times.

But I’ve been there. I’ve been at a low point where I’ve imagined how I’ll die, who will (or won’t) come to my funeral, what will (or won’t) be said about me, who will (or won’t) be upset that I’m gone.

I’ve been there.

Many people have.

Many people will.

It’s sad, but it’s true.

But if every one of us showed a little more interest in the lives of the people around us, this world could–WOULD–be a better place.

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Makes you think, huh?

To finish this up, I’ll leave you with my most recent Facebook status: