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I’m not exactly addicted yet, but getting there, probably.


This evening, as I was scrolling through my Twitter home page, I came across this:

This was my reply:

This reply stemmed from an idea I’ve had for a long time, probably a year or more ago. I’d been thinking about all the little girls I know–my cousins’ girls (cousin K’s third baby is two today! HBday, Hannah!), girls at church, etc–and how I sincerely hope that they grow up believing that they are amazing, beautiful girls.

So this is an example of how the conversation might go:

Girl: (something negative, like “I’m not pretty”)

Me: C’mere!

Girl: (sits with me)

Me: Let me ask you, do you think Grandma is pretty?

(This is where it all depends on the girl. I’m going the positive route.)

Girl: Yes.

Me: Okay. And do you think Mommy is pretty?

Girl: Yes!

Me: Do you think you are pretty?

Girl: No.

Me: Let me tell you something, Sweetie: You like JUST LIKE Mommy and Grandma. So if they’re pretty, that makes you pretty, too, right?

And it would go from there. I’m not sure I would do if I got “nos” to “Is Grandma/Mom pretty”… That would be kind of awkward. I could also ask a brother or a male friend if he thought the girl was pretty, but that might be awkward as well.

Point is, try to accentuate the positive (eliminate the negative, latch onto the affirmative, and don’t mess wtih Mr. In-Between). Try to remind her that she is gorgeous exactly the way she is! Be creative with it. This is just one example. I could probably come up with more if I tried hard enough. This is just the one that’s been in my head lately.

And I gave (rather, ninja-delivered, lol–left it near their church mailbox) the OB book to a JH girl at church, and last night she told me she’s reading it AGAIN! I’m so thrilled! 😀

I’ve also been reading Matt Long’s “biography”–The Long Run. It’s INCREDIBLE. I Tweeted about it…

(I totally didn’t even realize I’d misspelled “pages” until right now. Oops.)

Anyway. I’ve been reading TLR since…Monday or Tuesday, and I’m now on page 17o (of about 250). It’s soooooo good. The only thing I’d warn against is the description of his injuries–the man got run over by a freaking bus. I won’t give you any mroe detail than that, but it’s pretty gore-tastic.

But his recovery is phenomenal. I’m only at the “pity party” stage in the story, but my dad has assured me it gets better–Matt got better.

I’d like to meet Mr. Matt Long someday.

I have a feeling the athletes out there will find Matt’s story insane, and inspirational, and one of those “I really can’t complain” kinds of stories. 😉

Haha. So, that’s my update for the night. Going to “band practice” in about an hour, then coming home to… probably work on brainstorming the rest of my group’s “Stranded…On The Moon??” skit.

OH! And I went to a funeral today. And afterwards I ate food and had some good chat time with some adults (older ones…). Good day.