Just… because.

She called me a little bit ago and asked if I wanted anything from the local mom-and-pop-type coffee shop.

Um, yes, please!

Smooooooothieeee… đŸ™‚


I’m currently drinking a smoothie.

After I hung up the phone, I had a blonde moment.

What went through my head was this: Will I be able to finish a smoothie before work?

Um. DUH. I’m on deliveries tonight.

I can leave the smoothie in my car!

And besides, we eat and drink stuff at work already, so it wouldn’t really matter.


But yeah. I have a really nice sister.

This is a nice way to start my week… A day off + a sister who brings me a smoothie. Woot! PLUS positivity from Tina this morning…

God is good. It just takes little things like this to remind me of it…

What about you? Has your week started out all right?