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^ That guy’s existance = no school for me!

Our high school still has classes, but not the college!

How am I spending my day off, you ask?

Welllllll, as I posted on Facebook:

(Sidenote: anyone else hate the "new" Facebook??)

Yes, that’s right. I’m in the “real world” today! Doing a few loads of laundry (because my hamper was full when I bothered to empty the clean stuff and throw in the dirty), have to type a paper that’s due tomorrow, and am working later today.

Also listening to music and reading blogs and stuff.


Also, I just looked outside and my dad must’ve moved my car to the driveway because I don’t see it on the street…

And I got the sweetest compliment today!

Tina totally made my morning.

I’m now finishing up my …. well, brunch, I guess … of toast + scrambled eggs. šŸ™‚

So anyway. That’s my day. Mostly.

I’m distracting myself with the internet, too. Hah.

Eye of the Tiger is currently playing on YouTube. If you’re interested. šŸ™‚

I ā¤ music.

I’m gonna post this now, because I have nothing more to say at the moment … and it’s 11:11! šŸ™‚