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I’m sooooooo lame. I haven’t blogged since… Tuesday?? Before that??? Pathetic. And there’s no excuse, really, other than laziness. =\

So, Wednesday night seemed to revolve around boys.

At church, during small group, several of the girls spent a few minutes talking about a boy they are apparently in love with.

A few of the other girls informed them that “We’ve known him longer than you… Ick.” Essentially. It was kind of funny.

So anyway.

That got me thinking about dating and such.

I know junior high kids (and have even heard of younger kids) who talk about crushes and dating (hello, I work with 12-14 year old girls).

I know that I had a HUGE issue with the boy thing when I was their age.

Sure, I had crushes.

If we’re keeping track, three major ones (the first moreso than the two that followed).

The first major crush was on a boy I went to church with. Which, you know, cool. Church kid. But I think my crush was influenced more by the fact that I thought he was cute. And I say MAJOR crush because it lasted for THREE YEARS.

I think.

Started around 5th grade, and ended around 8th grade.

Actually four years: 5, 6, 7, 8. Yeah. That’s right.

Soyeah. It made school & church super-awkward, because I liked him, but I didn’t want him to KNOW that I liked him, and… you know how it goes. I finally got over it around…well, I guess 8th grade. End of 7th? No, eighth.

And slight tangent: something I think is super cute? So I had this crush on this kid, right? And I’m trying to hide it, right? But the awesome part was, one time on a church trip (7th or 8th grade) our bus broke down, like 7pm or something, and it was really dark. So we’re walking around outside near the bus and we get ahold of somebody who can come jump-start the bus or whatever, and so we get back on the bus and the boy I like goes, “Hey, where’s Rebecca?” And I’m like, “…Right here? *wave*” I was sitting in the seat in front of him and he didn’t know it and wanted to make sure I was on the bus. I thought it was adorable. 

So then my next major crush was super lame compared to freaking four years.

Again, church boy. But he liked one of my best friends, so I convinced myself it was a no-go.

This is the same boy who told me people asked if we were dating in high school. Which was super awkward for me, because… well… yeah. We hung out a lot, walked to classes together, that kind of stuff. At that point, he was more of a brother.

So that was ninth-tenth grade.

I had another itty-bitty crush on a kid after that, in tenth grade? Nothing major, just thought he was cute and funny and talented. Rarely ever talked to him. Although the one memorable time I did talk to him, we talked about the musical he was in. Oh, that must’ve been like the first half of 11th grade… Yeah.

Then came another boy, in eleventh grade.

We had a couple of classes together, he was smart, he was in music stuff… and I guess I thought he was cute? So we talked practically every day in classes.

Problem? Different religions.

Not TOTALLY different, like he was atheist or anything. Just slightly different. But… nope.

Plus I think he thought I was a dork or something. Haha.

So those were my three major crushes. I say major for the last two because … well, because I fixated for a while. Like… eh. Like, I really really really liked them. Just nothing came of it.


I rarely ever see these guys anymore, and it’s kind of hard to believe I ever crushed that hard on the first one. =\

The second two major ones were both what you might call “nerds” or “geeks”–the first (of the second two major crushes… gosh, I confuse people easily…) is now in IT or CST or something. He likes computers and technology and video games and stuff. The second… I dunno what he’s up to now. But he was smart and kind of nerdy-looking I guess. (Both are a year older, btw. …Wait. No. IT guy is two years older.)

Question: What is it with me and “nerdy” guys?? First those two high school guys, and now Tim McGee and Spencer Reid?? Man…

The one not-sitting. For non-NCIS-fans.

The Thinker? 🙂

What? Is it my fault I think they’re both freaking adorable???

I can’t be the only one. 😉


Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

Long blog is long. Lol.

You know what? I think I’m going to break this up into (at least) two parts. Because I have more to say, but I feel like this is way too long and the other stuff I have to say is going to be kind of long and rambly too…

So. This is Part One.

Part Two will be coming… sometime. Soonish. I hope.

So how was that for an update? 😛