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This was what one of my JH girls told me tonight.


I was pleasantly surprised. 🙂

And I told her I loved her too.

The second time she told me, I smiled, and she said, “HEy, you’re supposed to say it back!!”

Persistent little thing. Haha. 🙂

And tonight when we split up to do small group time,  they spent the first few minutes talking about boys.

I chimed in and said, “Uh, yeah, next month will fit boys better…”

So that’s a pretty good segue into “The ‘L’ Word” I suppose.

And [Tina’s post] fit with tonight’s lesson! Kind of.

I commented. I’m too lazy to retype it all, so I’ll [link you] and copy/paste, depending on your level of motivation. ;P

The one about “recharging” is good timing—in youth group tonight we talked about Mark 6:30-43, the “feeding 5000″ passage (also John 15, the vine and the branches). The youth pastor made the point of focusing on each verse, or a couple at a time. His point about v31 was interesting–Jesus MADE TIME to get away and rest. Sure, it kinda failed, and He decided to teach and feed the hungry (v34 — had compassion on the desperate, rather needy crowd), but He knew He and the disciples needed time to rest.

The youth pastor gave us a modern-day example of v31: If Jesus were to go to the mall (the disciples believe it’ll be downtime), would He spend His time focusing on people who need saving or help? Actually, He would know there needed to be balance. He probably would focus on His disciples, because He would know that they need Him too, that fellowshiping with and loving on them was important too.

I thought that was interesting!


Now I need to work on some homework and some church stuff… and keep thinking about “Love” stuff.

Hmm… well, after I watch Law & Order SVU.

Criminal Minds was really good tonight! Just sayin’. 🙂