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My Friday did get better.

Starting at around… well, the comment on the blog says 9pm, but I was at YP’s house at 8pm, so it was probably more like 3 or 4. When I helped to Love Bomb [Miss Brianne].

And then at 6, when I went to YP’s house.

I was the second one there, and so it was YP and B-squared (BG & I have the same name!! We decided we’re Becca-squared. :)) for a little while, ’til everyone else showed up.

We ate lots of food (oh, food…), talked, prayed, and played games.

YP shared a little bit from The Me I Want to Be (which I want to read) about leadership styles.

I’m a Thinker and a Reformer. Not surprising. YP said he would’ve written those down for me without question, without even seeing how many check marks I’d made next to the words as he read the descriptions.

The other styles are Commander, Achiever, Artist, Server, and… I think there was one other. I’d have to check my sheet.

Anyway. So we went through each person’s list of top two or three. I was one of the last—YP was very last. We confirmed styles for the others in the group (10 of us total, which is probably half of the group). I don’t know about the others, but when I heard the affirmative murmurs on my top two, I was blown away.

I’ve always been the quiet one, the Thinker, who feels relatively ignored and not like a leader. But the last few months have started to change those thoughts.

Wednesday night I got “I love you” from a JH girl.

Last night I got “Yeah, I see that” from other leaders.

The last couple of Sunday nights when we’ve prayed in small group the girls have thanked God for both of us leaders.

I’m working on myself.

Twenty-eleven will be a better year.

It’s the year I turn 20.

It’s the year I transfer to BU.

It’s a year of change.

It’s a year of positivity.

It’s a year of goals in general.


Back to last night.

After we talked about styles and prayed for stuff (my BFF K is stuck in Cairo with school. Some are coming home today we hope and some are coming home Tuesday. I don’t know which group she’s with. Pray please?), we played Morphology! Boys v. girls. It was fun.

And then a few people had to leave, and the remaining six (minus me) played Farkle. And watched National Treasure 2! Oh, and I got to help feed YP’s fish. 🙂

When the crew was done playing Farkle, they watched NT2–Farkle didn’t take them very long, because they joined me on the couch around the Buckingham Palace scene, I think.

And during part of the movie, YP and I tried to find information on the third NT (which comes out this year, supposedly), but we failed.

And after the movie, three (BG, YP, and D) played Monopoly on the Wii. The other three of us watched. Then the other two (married couple) had to leave, so I hung out with BG, YP, and D to watch them play. It was fun.

While I was watching them play, I texted BFF L that she could come to BG’s mom and dad’s house with us tomorrow if she wanted. She said maybe. I’m kind of excited. 🙂

I mean, I’ll be spending part of Sunday afternoon with her already, but it’d be awesome if she could come to the party with us. (It’s gonna be a party because I’m gonna be there. ;)) I gave her the address and she said if she did come she’d probably leave early or something, which is what some other people have to do, so it’s all good.


Pretty good weekend. Almost seven hours with other leaders (I’m the youngest. By maybe five years?), not having to work on Saturday, getting to see a BFF on Sunday, getting to meet some new people on Sunday… Yeah, good weekend.