Note: I started this yesterday afternoon, but then had to stop to eat supper and go to church. And I didn’t finish it after church. Oops.

So, if you [follow me on Twitter], you’ve probably seen [this].

(Note to self: If link =/= work, screen-print/copy/paste!)

I think you need a little background before I tell you why I appreciate my workstudy boss so much right now.

I started working for our Community Ed program in the summer of 2009, after I graduated from high school and had registered for college classes.

For that summer, I worked mostly in the office, answering phones, answering questions, taking registrations for summer events, running errands (one day I got to visit my daddy on an errand!)… Office stuff.

But on Wednesdays I would go in to another office (the adult education office) and enter records.

And then after that summer, I quit doing the main office stuff and now just go in for an hour or two on Wednesday afternoons to do the data entry stuff.

My boss is hilarious. Yesterday, for example, he asked me if I was enjoying the holiday.


Turns out (and I saw it on Twitter but it didn’t register), yesterday was Groundhog’s day.


Yeah, he likes to joke. Around Christmastime, he told me he knew Santa and showed me a picture. 🙂

 Anyway. Yesterday I was entering records (as usual) and couldn’t tell what a few of the names were (which isn’t unusual. We have Somali students, and we have people whose penmanship is iffy. Normal.). So I go over and poke through the box of cards with (legible) names. And check with the people who work in the ed department, because they know these people.

So the one lady leaves for the day, and my boss sticks around for a while, and I have another student whose name I’m not sure of. As usual, I get up and wander over to the desk, where Boss is sitting, and poke through the (alphabetical!) box of names.

So Boss looks at me and goes, “What you’re doing, that’s a problem-solving skill.”

(Before that he told me that if I needed references for jobs or anything, to not hesitate to ask.)

And he proceeds to tell me, basically, that I am rare. Because a lot of people (sadly) don’t have very good problem-solving skills. And stuff.

So that pretty much made my day.

And then I came home and ate supper and went to church, where we talked about love. It was mentor night (1st Wednesday of the month, the kids’ mentors, who are the same throughout Jr Hi, come hang out), so the mentors (and some parents, since they’re mentors to other kids) got to hear the intro to the Love series. We watched a scene from Moulin Rouge (yes, strange choice, but YP related it pretty well), YP talked, the kids/mentors went on a scavengar hunt for verses relating to love, and we made Valentine bags! Leaders, students, and mentors. YP asked us to focus on two aspects of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7: patient and not self-seeking. The catch for Valentines is, while we can put a Valentine in anybody’s box for the next three weeks, we aren’t allowed to open our bags until the last Wednesday of the month.

The kids’ responses? Groans. My response? AWESOME. 🙂

So I made a bag (I need to take a picture of it next week!), and then heard YP talking to “Momma” and heard my name and turned around to find YP walking two more steps to ask me to run and buy a bunch more boxes of Valentines because he had Senior High soon and we were already running out of Valentines. So I did. I went to Wal-Mart (took the long way there for some reason) and debated for like ten minutes, and then bought eight boxes (they’re less than $2.50 a box right now! Without tax…) and brought them back. I was walking down the hall to the youth room when YP walks out of the youth room, spots me, grins, and takes the bag from me (he called me “m’lady.” Awwwww…). And then he freaks out because I bought Transformers and Iron Man Valentines, as well as six other boxes. He’s so easily pleased… Haha.

And then I talked to a couple of leaders for a few minutes, and watched a few of my JH girls run into walls–but it was okay, because they were putting balloons between them and the walls. 😉 And then I came home and watched Criminal Minds.

And that was basically my Wednesday.

Lately I’ve been reminded that I’m wanted, and I love it.

First a text message asking me to help. Then being asked to take screen duty for someone. Then being told I “got skills.” Then being asked to buy Valentines. Ahhhhhh. People DO love me!

Speaking of love… I’ve been working on a “love” post. Actually, it’ll probably be several. So yeah. That’s on its way. And then next month is a new daily project that will hopefully keep me accountable, as well as help me process some stuff. I’m kind of excited. 🙂

Today also would have been the 21st birthday of the gal from church who died in a car accident in ’09 (it’ll be two years this summer? Gosh. Time flies. This fall will be three since M died. Ack.). Would you do me a favor and pray for Jenna’s family, please? I’d appreciate it, and I think they would, too. Thanks.