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If you follow me on Twitter (@respectivating!), you’ll probably have noticed [this].

I heard “Better is One Day” on the radio on my way home from class this afternoon, and figured it would make a good Flawless Friday post.

Flawless Friday!

So anyway, I heard the song, and I thought to myself, “How lovely is Your dwelling place?” Aren’t our bodies God’s dwelling place?

Because… you know, our bodies are temples (my body is a temple of the holy spirit), and stuff.


So if that’s true, and WE are God’s dwelling place…

That would mean that WE ARE LOVELY.

I sent this photo to Caitlin for Operation Beautiful a week or two ago, and though it hasn’t been posted on OB yet (which I’m totally cool with; takes time!), I figured I’d share it here.

It’s lyrics from a song we sometimes sing at church.

Operation Beautiful = 🙂

Actually, two songs, one of which we don’t sing at church…

Anyway. I stuck this in one of the bathrooms at church a couple of weeks ago, because we were singing “As it is in Heaven” (the “good” lyrics) and …I felt like it. 🙂

Because if we’re created by God, in His image, and He calls everything “good,” then it follows that we must fit in the “good” category, right?

Something to think about…

EDIT (Mar 1 ’11): Uhm, the lyrics to Eric Stark’s song are actually “You make everything beautiful; all You have made You call good” but I decided to change them for the purpose of the note. Same goes for DCB’s song—I kept the idea, but put it in question form. Thought I should clarify. 🙂