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It’s been A WEEK since my last post?


I’m still working on a Love post.

It is long.

It is rambly.

And that’s okay with me.

I hope it’s okay with you.

So, maybe I should fill you in on what I’ve been doing this week?


I missed work Monday, because I called in sick. I wasn’t feeling too great, and didn’t want to risk getting worse by being out in the cold.


Interpers Comm ticked me off again this week. We had class Monday and Friday, but I got there Wednesday to find a note saying his morning classes were cancelled. I’m hoping he had an appointment to follow-up with someone about his car accident the week before or something. But Friday was a pointless day anyway, too. My group was pretty much done with our project, so we went over who was doing what (only three of five of us were there) and went to the library. Then I went home. Five minutes before class was over.


Wednesday we talked about love. Again. But we did it in small groups, separate genders. We’ll use the surveys we filled out next week.

I read the sheets YP provided about physical boundaries and courting versus dating, because boundaries and courting/dating were part of our survey.

Today I got to spend a little time with a friend. We were supposed to hang out a few weeks ago, but her grandmother died, so we had to put plans on hold. Then she had to work tonight, so we just talked. But it was still good.

I read The O’Malley Chronicles this week. For like the fourth time. It’s such a good series! I started it on Superbowl Sunday and finished the final book this evening. So. Good. If you like romance, a little mystery, and a whole lot of Jesus, and you haven’t read the Chronicles yet, go do it!

That’s totally my own opinion. Not for anyone’s profit or anything.

So… yeah. Been a pretty blah week.

I spent a little over an hour doing some Junior High paperwork stuff. Made a big dent, but have a couple of questions to ask YP tomorrow or Wednesday.

I have a quiz on Tuesday to study for.

I’ll probably spend a little time with BFF K tomorrow after church. I’m kind of excited to hear more about her trip. 🙂