It was Valentine’s Day yesterday?


Oh, that’s right.

My dad emailed me and asked me to retrieve his card to my mom and put it somewhere my mom would see it.

I got told “Happy Valentine’s Day” a couple of times. Most notably by a female coworker who is kind of a mother-figure—she is the mother of one of my other high-school-aged coworkers, after all.

She brought cookies, one of which I meant to eat but never did.

Other than that, and Facebook postings (a super-sweet one from K’s boyfriend to her), I had pretty much no knowledge of the holiday.

It’s not like I have a boyfriend, y’know. (Believe me, if I did, you’d know.)

Don’t peg me as jealous or bitter or anything just yet. I go in cycles, from wanting a boyfriend (sometimes desperately) to thinking boys are complete idiots.

Last Wednesday night, we did a “love survey” at church. I went through it with my girls, asking them to answer questions about boundaries, the perfect boy, etc.

They mentioned that their perfect boy would not be ginger.

Pardon? “I guess I’ll just leave now…”

They assured me that I was fine. It made me laugh a little.

Then a bit later, I informed them (slightly) of the want of a boyfriend, and they assured me that I would find him someday, and that “He’ll love gingers!”

Oh, dear. How much joy those girls bring me… šŸ™‚

But they’re right.

Someday I’ll find him. Or he’ll find me. Whichever.

It will be God’s timing, not mine.

It will be awesome.

For now, I just have to wait.

And maybe pray.

One of those Facebook updates was another leader. She’s a few years older than I am, and addressed part of her status to family and friends, and the other to her future husband, informing him that she was waiting and praying for him.

I thought that was super-sweet.

And it’s something I need to do more.

How about you?

Did you ever get ticked off at V-Day? Did (or do) you pray for your spouse before you met?