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At least when it comes to this thing:

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A few weeks ago at small group, I was my own team during Bible Trivia.

Tonight, we did a quiz/test on some Bible stuff.

When YP (youth pastor, for those who don’t know) mentioned that it was an individual test and to not be in partners or be looking at your neighbor’s paper, “Momma” scooted her chair closer to me. What a silly… 🙂

But it made me think.

Momma’s older than I am.

She’s always seemed so much more knowledgable (wise?) when it comes to Jesus.

But tonight she scooted over pretending to look at my quiz.

I’m sure it was just a joke, but I’m wondering if it wasn’t because she felt I was smarter or something.

Weird. :\

So anyway.

That was my night at youth group.


YP talked about how we like to think that we’re all set if we have enough knowledge of Jesus. But what really matters is how much we love Him.

That was a little bit of a kick in the pants.

I like learning. I enjoy knowing more about God.

I think the two go hand-in-hand: when you love God, you want to know more about Him. And when you know more about Him, it ought to make you love Him more.

I don’t know for sure how it works. I’m just typing. Hah.

I realized just now that my last post, about music, needs to be fixed. Oops. I’ll do that now. 🙂

I watched Criminal Minds, new and old, tonight. One of my favorite lines from one of tonight’s reruns was this:

“Hotch, I was a 12-year-old child prodigy in a Las Vegas public high school. You kick like a nine-year-old girl.”