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Flawless Friday!

I started thinking about this last night, after a strange and confusion-inducing conversation with a friend.

I’ll just tell you that apparently someone likes me and might be asking me out soon. And this is awkward for me. Because I don’t exactly want to date right now. Plus we work together. So…

I mean, I think about it, especially considering both my sister and one of my best friends have boyfriends. But it’s nothing something I really want right now.

I’m moving in a few months.

He’s younger than I am (by around a year).

But if I’m really honest with myself, like I was this morning, part of me is saying What can you possibly see in me?

Which … is not what I should be thinking.

And this is why I started this blog.

I want to be comfortable in who I am (at least for the most part) before I begin a dating relationship. I don’t want to be questioning things like this.

Some days I wonder if I’m ever going to find “Mr. Right.”

On days when I feel especially down about the subject, I go to Song of Songs (Song of Solomon).

I read 2:2, 4:7, and a couple of others, for the promises. (Why is it automatically going to Amplified Bible?)

And I go to songs like Forever & Ever Amen, That Girl, and the ones I listed here, for the reminders that they hold.

Today, I heard this song on the radio, and one of the lines toward the end caught my attention:

Yes He is with you when you’ve given up on ever finding your true love, someone who feels like home. He is with you…

Wow! What a reminder!

Also, part of a song we sing at church sometimes comes to mind:

If you are searching you’ll find peace in Him. If you are searching you’ll find true love from Him.

God ought to be my priority right now, honestly.

I’ve said it before, but there’s a line from a devotional book I did a few summers ago:

“Treat God with the respect He deserves and watch how absolutely GORGEOUS you become!”