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What’s funny about this post is that I’m watching Tuesday night’s Glee.

But I know some of you haven’t seen this episode yet, so I won’t give you details.


Last night after youth group, I heard a few of the JH girls talking about boys (as usual…) and I heard them talking about first kisses.

Uhhh… This goes back to this post, how I’ve never technically had a boyfriend.

Nor have I had my first kiss yet.

And that’s okay with me.

To me, it’s something incredibly special.

It’s not something to just give away for the heck of it.

It’s not something you really get a chance to do over.

That’s why it’s called a “first” date, a “first” kiss, etc.

When I told the girls that I’d never been kissed “AND I’M ALMOST 20!”, several of them ran away without replying.

Apparently it was a private conversation not meant for leaders’ ears. Except they were in a hallway, and I have relatively good ears…


It’s a subject that I shared a little bit about on Sunday with the Freshman girls, how they don’t need a boyfriend to be complete and beautiful.

At least not right now.

The main leader of the group, the one who provides the house and the food and stuff, said that was a nice reminder for her. She’s doing fine on her own, thank you very much.

I’m doing just fine without a boyfriend.

If I never date or get married, I’ll be okay.

Because I have Jesus.

And I know that it takes time.

I know that I WANT to take my time moving from a friendship with a guy to a deeper relationship.

I know that I want to be 100% certain that he’s “the one” before that first kiss. If that first kiss doesn’t happen ’til the engagement period, or even the wedding, it’s fine by me. I’d rather have it that way, something special to look forward to.

Sure, I’m going to WANT to do stuff while dating–I’m pretty sure everybody does, because we’re wired to want and need love and intimacy–but I want to be able to say that I waited, and that waiting makes it all the more worthwhile.

RSJ is engaged now, and she’s like 33. There IS hope… 🙂

Brad Stine makes me happy. 🙂

You can have that male for free, but with this male there’s a FEE involved!