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Flawless Friday!

I cried last night.

At our second Coram Deo session.

I’ve been teary-eyed off an on all week, and I’m not sure why.

I mean, it could be allergies, but… it could also be due to something within me changing, starting on Sunday when we (some of the church youth group) went to a “concert” that had a HUGE impact.

Since then, I’ve been belting out song lyrics like crazy, and getting this “I need to close my eyes and raise my hands” feeling. Usually when I’m driving (which is when I listen to a lot of my music), which is a bad idea. But it’s a more frequent feeling now, and I’m loving it.

And last night helped that along.

At first I didn’t feel like raising my hands, and just closed my eyes to sing along.

But toward the end of our hour together (as about a dozen people total, including the band), I was not as hindered. The only thing distracting me was a couple of little kids that wouldn’t stpo moving, but that’s okay, I guess.

God’s been doing something in me lately, and while it kind of scares me a little, it’s also exciting and I’m anxious to see what He’s gonna do next.

"Healer" -- Kari Jobe

I’ve been meaning to Picnik the lyrics to this song for a while now, and finally got around to it yesterday.

And then, wouldn’t you know it, we sang it at Coram Deo!

From the Inside Out
Hear Me (an original based on Psalm 86)
Come Unto Me (an original)
Lead Me to the Cross
As It Is In Heaven (an Eric Stark original)
Our God
You Are Amazing 

I might have to Picnik some of the lyrics from “You Are Amazing” (I think I did the chorus, but I have ideas for verses now!) and some of these other songs… Look for a Picnik post in the next week or two, maybe? 🙂