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So, I managed to prank myself without knowing it.

Yeah, I don’t know how I managed that. But I did.


I told you the other day that I’d be posting a recap of my birthday evening soon, and I figured Flawless Friday would work!

Flawless Friday!

Some of the things that happened Wednesday night fit in with FF.

But first, I’ll give you the order of events!

The concert started at 7, and we were going to leave church around 6:30. I went to church about 6 with the intention of talking to YP about some stuff. When I got to church, I called BFF L back because I’d missed her phone call. We talked for almost 7 minutes. During those 6.5 minutes, YP joined me on my bench and started being his normal self. 🙂 After I said goodbye to L, YP and I chatted for a few minutes. He informed me that we would not be going on our JH trip this weekend, which made me sad and mad.

Anyway, so I hung around at church for a little while (listened to JH girls talk about dating. Ew. At one point I asked “Why are you dating in junior high to begin with??” and the response I got was “Because he asked me out and he’s nice…” Ugh.), and then I drove a few kids over to this other church where the concert was happening. The only kids we drove over from church were a bunch of JH girls. Two of the boys are in the one music group that performed, but nobody else from JH showed up. 😦 And a lot of our Senior High students (who aren’t on the Spring Break trip) skipped, too. Laaaaaaame.


It was fun.

When the event started, we were welcomed by the man I assume is this other church’s youth pastor, and then we watched a video about this guy who paints awesome pictures who is apparently coming to town in a few weeks (I forgot his name, or else I would link you to the video and stuff).

Then the JH group got up to perform a few songs:

Hands (Up High)

Loser (their theme verse is Matthew 10:39–I can’t find it anywhere because I can’t remember the lyrics. I’ll look later.)

City On Our Knees


Healing Begins (a cover done by two girls with lovely voices!)

Awake & Alive (I screamed the chorus, really. Because I’m awesome.)

The next thing that happened was that the next group (mostly seniors from the area, I think) came up, and one of the girls gave a speech called “The Game of Facts.” It’s a monologue about three things that society has gotten wrong: angels, Satan, and the Christmas story.

I can’t find the video to add it. None of my videos are showing up to add. Sad!

Oh well.

After the speech, they sang the following:

You Are Good (attempted some actions)

Happy Day (WHOOOOO!)

Prayer (not a song, lol)

Our God (Heck yes.)

Then they did their version of this skit and a girl from the group shared what’s been happening in her life in the last couple of months. She mentioned GPSes and MaryBeth Chapman’s book Choosing To See.

One girl shared Psalm 94:18-19, and then we sang some more.

Revelation Song

You Won’t Relent (in which the next group got up to sing with the previous group)

How He Loves (Hands up. Practically the whole song.)

Then a guy from the group shared his testimony–he was a crack baby. He shared about perfection and abuse and God’s power.

Then we sang more.

You Decide (Tried to scream along. Don’t know all the words.)

Song of Hope

There is A Way

Then R (who comes to our church some) shared a testimony, which reminded me very much of To Save A Life. She appealed to us to not miss the signs of depression and such. She wasn’t “supposed” to speak (wasn’t scheduled) but she felt God weighing it on her heart to share. It was awesome.

Then we sang more!

Chorus of the Saints

Then somebody shared Psalm 66:16 and we sang Million Voices (and yes, I sang along. Loudly.).

Then BG (who’s in charge of the three groups) apologized for the event going late, and then she prayed, and we sang one final song, I’ve Got the Real Thing (only our version is slightly more exciting and hard-to-hear. :P).

It was possibly the best. night. of. my. life.

So. Much. Fun.

I was so glad that I went. It was possibly the best way to celebrate a birthday. ever.

Anyway, the reason this ties into FF is because I learned something Wednesday night.

Or rather, experienced something.

Something inside of me has been changing over the last few months, if not the last couple of years.

I am expanding my comfort zone.

Wednesday night, I held my camera with one hand and raised my other arm up high–no shame. And probably half the time that I wasn’t holding my camera, my hands were raised–no shame.

I wasn’t as worried about what people would think.

Granted, I was in a CHIC-like environment with plenty of people doing the exact same thing, but…

I’m changing.

I’m growing.

I’m learning.

And I’m proud of it.