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Guys, I can’t take it anymore.

No, not life.

I’m not giving up.

Remember this?

No, what I can no longer stand is something I’ve mentioned before on this blog.

I wrote here about anorexia.

I also wrote about it in another post, but I don’t remember which one and I don’t feel like lookign it up right now.

I need to just type and let things out.

Also, please excuse typos.

Today, for some reason, I decided to look at a few blogs of people who are suffering from EDs—Eating Disorders.

Girls (the ones I’ve been reading) who feel like they are “too fat” or something.

Girls who are starving themselves or throwing up or over-exercising or taking laxatives or ALL OF THE ABOVE in order to get to their “goal weight” — which for many of them is probably a relatively unhealthy weight.

What really got me today was that one of the girls mentioned “thinspo”, as in “thin-spiration”. As in inspiration to get thinner.

Please. Tell me you know that those photos are re-touched.

And not just the faces. The entire photo is re-touched. That photo that you’re looking at in that magazine? Chances are that’s not what that person actually looks like.


(Though according to the website, which you can get to by clicking on the image, Britney allowed the photos to be shown side-by-side. Go Britney?)

Just Google-image-search “photoshopped pictures before and after” and the stuff you get is CRAZY.

And check out this post by Caitlin for some more facts and thoughts.

And check out this music video for a song I adore. Cra-zy!

I cannot stand that society pushes the Thin Ideal.

I wrote a paper for Intercultural Comm about three different cultures’ views on something. I chose beauty. I wrote about the Thin Ideal and a few other things that affect people’s perceptions of beauty.

I’ve been leaving OB notes around campus lately.

This is how the collection started:


A few close-ups:







I’ve left a few of them next to light switches, a few on the insides of stalls, and a couple on mirrors. I haven’t put all of them up yet, but I plan to!

And it’s a start.

Being vocal (or…well, visual) about beauty—how it should be—is fun! And you never know how many people it’s affecting. Hopefully I’m making at least a little bit of an impact on the people at school. Maybe somebody’s checked out OB because of my notes. That would be awesome.

You never know what kind of an impact you’re making, but every little bit helps. It may not be today or tomorrow or even this year, but eventually my leaving OB notes is going to change someone’s life. In a good way.

It’s already changed mine.

Thank you, Caitlin! 🙂