This is tomorrow.

April 5th, 2011.

I found out about it through Facebook (which I’ve given up for Lent) a few months ago, and thought it was kind of interesting. I checked “attending.” And then forgot about it until I saw a poster at next year’s school!

Normally I have Facebook to remind me like a week ahead of time, but of course I gace that up for Lent, so… It’s in my phone’s calendar now.

I’m seriously contemplating going without shoes tomorrow.

My sister bought TOMS and in doing so, supplied a pair of shoes for a kid in some other country who really needs shoes.

If you want to, check out the website and the Twitter trend!

Also Facebook, but since I gave FB up for Lent I cannot give you the link. 😛

What’s great about this being tomorrow is that I don’t have to work. Because, you know, I’m not sure my boss would appreciate me coming to work shoe-less. :\

But since it’s Tuesday tomorrow, I’ll be at school practically ALL DAY, so lots of people will see me without shoes!!

I should print out some flyers or something…

So. Anyway. I’m probably going without shoes tomorrow, and it’d be awesome if you would, too! 🙂

Remember how I said that little things add up? Yeah… I may be the only person on campus without shoes tomorrow (I hope not!!), but all over the world, other people will be participating. Someone, somewhere, will get curious and ask why someone is not wearing shoes. It’ll add up eventually.