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No, not the color.

The band.

The first song of theirs I heard (I think) was Faceless.

I’ve tried a couple of their other songs, and I do rather like Hymn For the Missing, Best is Yet to Come, & Who We Are.

Those are the only songs I’ve really bothered to listen to so far, but I plan to keep checking them out on YouTube.

They’re kind of a Christian group, but their references to Christianity are incredibly veiled—at least in the songs I’ve listened to. If I hadn’t heard them on a “Christian” station and Googled them, I wouldn’t have known they were considered Christian rock!

Anyway. Just thought I’d share that.

Also, my IPComm prof needs to be fired.

Just sayin’.

Oooooh, Not Alone (RED) is pretty really good, too… The first of the songs I’ve listened to that seems to reference God (I, etc).



I played BINGO last night.

I worked tonight.

I need to watch a foreign film on which to write a paper by Thursday.

We’re (supposedly) getting our “final” in IPComm tomorrow, and we get two weeks to do it.

That means it’s a take-home and (I assume) open-book test.

It’s nice, but it kind of annoys me.

But then, that’s what this prof does. Annoys me.

He needs to be fired.

In other (happier) news, I want to see Soul Surfer.

I also want to buy Dawn Treader tomorrow. The music video with Carrie Underwood is really cool…

Uhhhh… yeah.

That’s about it, I think…