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Last nightat church was… mmmm… awesome.

At least, music and Sr. High time.

Jr High time was a little insane, but then, isn’t it usually? 😛

We did music combined

Song of Hope
Our God
How He Loves
The Stand

And then JH was sent home and it was SH time.

They stayed in the sanctuary, where YP spoke about darkness, hopelessness, fear, and a few other things, including the incident about eight years ago when several Pennsylvania miners were trapped underground.

He shared several verses or passages that dealt with hope and God’s strength and things like that:

Psalm 3, 5, 18
Isaiah 40:31
Jeremiah 29:11-12
1 Peter
Zeph 3:19
2 Cor 4
Romans 5

He also mentioned that Satan shows up as pretty things to distract us from God.

That made me think of this song:

Then it was SH music time, and I was in charge of screen. It had been decided that they were just going to be singing this week, to give them the chance to worship however they wanted and to ask for prayer if they felt led to do so.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Here I Am To Worship
Mighty to Save
Shout to the Lord
Came to My Rescue
Open the Eyes of My Heart
None But Jesus
How Great Is Our God
Revelation Song
How Deep the Father’s Love
Above All
The More I Seek You
In Christ Alone

At one point during this time of song and prayer, YP mentioned that if we’re wondering why God isn’t moving in our lives, if we’re not sure why certain things aren’t happening, that it might be because of sin.

He asked us to take a few minutes to think about it and confess our sins.

What I wrote down was this list:

Anger (being quick to get angry)
Holding on to pain & unforgiveness & anger

All in all, it was a powerful night.

There was one point during the final song when I wished I’d brought my camera, or had my phone on me.

It started with one, and trickled until there was a group of about six.

It started with one boy wrapping his arm around the shoulder of the boys next to him.

It continued through the row of a few girls and another boy, and then Momma joined in with her hand on the first boy’s shoulder.

I wanted my camera, because it was a lovely moment.

But at the same time, I was kind of glad I didn’t have it with, because this was a special, kind of almost private moment for these kids.

You know?


Oh, YP also asked that we take a minute to pray for the people we know who need Jesus.

I looked up at the ceiling and mentioned someone I know who is pretty stuck in their ways. I’m okay with that.

For now.

I’ll keep working on this friend of mine.

Who knows?

(Well, God.)

Maybe God will get through to this person.

Because, you know, we don’t change people’s hearts. Only God does that, fully. But we certainly get to help the process along. 🙂

So, yeah.

I would’ve posted this last night, but my computer was being weird and I had to type a paper and… Well, I was at church until like 9:30. And then had to type the paper (which still isn’t quite finished) and checked email and stuff. I was up until after midnight, and then got up at 7:30 to make sure I had enough time to get ready for the day.

So, busy night…

And tonight I work for two hours and then am coming home to eat and leave town for the night: I’ve got an appointment tomorrow at next year’s school, and we don’t want to have leave our house at 5AM to get to the meeting, so we’re spending tonight with relatives. I managed to get a co-worker to cover the last hour of my shift tonight so that we can leave town before 8. Yay, co-workers! 🙂

And then I might go to church tomorrow night for a “party”. I’m still trying to decide if I want to or not.

So, I’m a busy bee! But I think that’s an okay thing. I don’t have to work this weekend, which is nice. So I can have Saturday to relax, hopefully! 😀

Have a wonderful Thursday (or whatever day it happens to be for you) and I will be back tomorrow! 🙂