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It’s everywhere.

Tonight, we watched Passion of the Christ at church.

Oh, the anger and pain that come with watching His condemnation, torture, and crucifixion.

Oh, the joy that comes in the brief flicker of triumph at the end.

But it’s a lot of pain and sadness, especially for someone like me who empathizes with people and feels their pain.

Also, I found out that during the funeral of the girl who committed suicide a few weeks ago, two of the girls who had been part of the group that bullied her were texting and giggling during the service.


How cruel and unloving can you be?

How unloved do you feel to do that a girl’s family?

What is going on in their lives that they feel so above everyone else?


In other news, I only have two more weeks of school!!

Also, we got another inch or so of snow last night. It was gone by noon or so, but it’s still weird. Nature is hormonal or something.

But we’re supposed to be in the 60s this weekend!! YAY! (Although I’m not taking this weather man’s word, because he lied about snow. :P)

AND we have a Maundy-Thursday service at church tomorrow night. I have to be there an hour before to be sure I know what I’m doing since I missed last week’s practice…

And now I need to do a little research before school tomorrow…