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Tonight at church was our Maundy Thursday service.

It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Our worship pastor opened the service up by reading kind of the background of MT from a blog he’d found (I don’t know what it was; sorry!). He explained where “Maundy” comes from, which I’d never heard before. Until I was probably a teenager, when I heard “Maundy Thursday” I’d always assumed it was “Monday Thursday” which made absolutely no sense to me. So now I know that!

We started the night with that and a video on the Last Supper, a video focused on the aspect of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet.

Then was a monologue of Matthew 26:17-30, along with a video aspect for the second half of the monologue.

Then we did Communion, and this time was different from how we normally do it.

Normally we pass the elements (sacraments; wafer and grape juice for us), but tonight there were four groups of two leaders from the church (my dad was one of them! :)) and each had a cup and half a loaf of bread. The congregation could go up whenever they felt led and take Communion at whichever of the four stations they chose. And then they could receive prayer from those same two leaders who had given them the elements.

I think it took longer, but it may have been more personal than our normal way of doing it.

After Communion came another monologue, this one on Matthew 26:36-46.

Then we sang Lead Me to the Cross and Beautiful Savior (which I cannot find video of; original??), and there was another video element on how it wasn’t the nails that held Jesus to the cross; it was love.

After that, B & B sang Blessed Redeemer (which I’d never heard before; so pretty!) and we sang Above All.

Then there was one more video, on Jesus crying “It is finished.”

The rest of the service was basically a time where people could pray or reflect or even leave if they wished, since it was pretty much done.

One of the guys from church sang a song called “The Death of a Son,” which he’s sung once or twice before.

And that was pretty much it.

But it was very good.

I ❤ Jesus.

Google the lyrics if you don't know the song... It's awesome...

Blessed redeemer, precious redeemer! Seems now I see Him on Calvary's tree! Wounded and bleeding, for sinners pleading, blind and unheeding, dying for me! ... No one but Jesus ever loved so!