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But it was worth it.

I’m super-sore, as you can see from the post title.

Oh, well, first off, HAPPY EASTER a day late. 🙂

Okay, now the reason I’m sore.

I went biking yesterday.

With my dad.

For like an hour.

Also, I wore like four different pairs of shoes. In a day. (Maybe three.)

I have those Avi-Motion shoes (like Skechers Shape-Ups) that work your legs and stuff.

They’re nice.

I can tell that they’re working when I wear different shoes.

Which I’ve done all weekend.

Today I fianlly put my Avis back on for delivering for work, but before that I don’t think I’d worn them since maybe Friday? Or before?

So I can tell my legs are being worked.

They hurt quite a lot after wearing different shoes, like they do now.

But some of the pain also comes from yesterday’s bike ride.

It was a good ride, but I haven’t been biking in … um… a year or more. (shame)

So, my legs (and butt…) hurt from that too.

But it’s a good hurt.

I think.

Lol. 🙂

Yes, it’s good pain. It means I’m getting some exercise.

I almost want to buy a pedometer and figure out how many steps I take in a day. I think that would be kind of interesting. Maybe next year…

Also, I’m thinking I may bring my bike to school in the fall.

I was talking to L yesterday (I picked her up on the way to K’s house to watch Tangled! And hang out.) and she said I should ride my bike, because if I end up where she’s living (fingers crossed!), it’s about a five-minute bike ride, and it’s downhill to class! And it’s easier than bringing my car, which would require a lot of work to keep running in the winter, and with snow advisories, I’d have to move it between lots and stuff. Yuck. So a bike would be a better option. It’s smaller and more portable… And I can always make a Target run on my bike if I need something small “likenow”. 🙂


On a not-so-great note, would you be praying for my family tomorrow (Tuesday)? My grandfather is having surgery. Nothing super-terrifying (it’s on his shoulder), just something that will require several weeks of recovery. But still, you know me: worry, worry, worry. If you think of it, could you pray for the surgeon(s) and our family and especially G-pa as he recovers and stuff? I’d appreciate it!

Oh, and my dad has a friend who had surgery on his heart (had a pump put in, or something? He’s had heart issues for a long time, and he’s only my dad’s age. Kinda scary.). He’s supposed to be out of ICU on Wednesday. Their hospital page says he’s doing much better, and that after the surgery his face had much more color than it’s had in years. Which is a good sign! And he managed to walk to his new room with the help of a walker, which was good! If you think of it, pray for D, too? Just that he keeps recovering well and stuff? Thanks. 🙂 Dad’s actually going to visit D later this week, since he’ll be near the hospital (in a bigger city) that day anyway. I may be able to update you on Thursday or Friday… But in the meantime, pray if you think of it!