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So, I haven’t blogged since Monday.

I feel like a loser.

Oh well.

Um, last night was Prom night, which meant Momma spent practically all day in our kitchen doing a couple of girls’ hair.

This is pretty close to what my sister’s dress looked like:


Except I think my sister’s was a little brighter, more turquoise colored.

She looked very nice. My mom bought a little bit of fabric (blue, almost the color of the dress; and silver) and we made it into a headband. It was really cool.

Our exchange student, J, said she looked like Anne Hathaway from Princess Diaries. I think mostly because of the hair… Now that I think of it, she kind of did… 🙂



While they were getting their hair done, J asked if I regretted not going to Prom when I was in high school.

Absolutely not. I would not have had any fun.

And now today I found out from Sis that Prom was pretty boring, and that it started to get more fun at After-Prom when the hypnotist got on stage.

So, no. I don’t regret not going.

I saved a bunch of money, not to mention my nerves and sanity, by not going.

It’s too much stress for one night. The dress, the hair, the tickets, where you’re going to eat, what car you’re going to drive… They take the entire day of Prom, not to mention hours (sometimes days or weeks) to pick out the dress and stuff.

This is probably just my school’s Prom, though. Ours is one of the only schools that has Grand March outside. Which really is stupid, because it’s become tradition that it’s yucky weather on our Prom night. They really ought to have figured that out by now.

I know that some schools (like at least one of the schools that has Prom tonight) has their dinner at the school, catered in. Our school, however, does not provide dinner. Hence, each couple (or group) has to find a home or restaurant to get to before Prom. Grand March starts at 6:30, but the line up (outside. In cars.) starts an hour prior. That meant that yesterday, my sister and J (aned everyone else) ate dinner at THREE. Momma came over at 10 to start on hair, and it was 2:30 before Sis’s boyfriend showed up (15 minutes late) and then Mom insisted on taking a few pictures and then they headed to a friend’s house for dinner. At THREE O’CLOCK. They munched on fruits and veggies from 10 to 2, and then ate a bunch at 3, and then went to the school for the rest of the night.

Because, of course, Post-Prom begins at midnight in a building that is not our high school.

So, it’s a busy day.

Not worth it, in my opinion.

 But that’s just me.

I’m not a fancy, girly, get-dressed-up kind of girl. I don’t spend any more time than is absolutely necessary getting ready in the morning. Get up, shower if I feel like it/need to, get dressed, and go. That’s my routine. I don’t even do anything to my hair other than brush it. I let it dry on its own (which usually results in an annoying curl at the ends, but I live with it).

I’m very low-maintenance. Throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and I’m good.

I rarely wear skirts or dresses. I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress. I only own two.

Nope, that’s a lie. I wore a dress around a month ago, to church.

I own two skirts (one of which I don’t wear) and the last time I wore one of them was last week or the week before to church. I think it was probably Palm Sunday.

But before that, I think the last time I’d worn a dress was maybe to my graduation party.

I might be wearing a skirt to church tomorrow—-no, scratch that. I’m not. I have to sit practically all morning because I’m running screen. Never mind, I’m wearing pants.

But anyway.

Yesterday was interesting, I’ll just say.

And it sort of fit in with Flawless Friday, because while hair and makeup was being done, we rediscovered a self-esteem issue of sorts.

Flawless Friday!


One of the girls hates her ears.

I LOVE her ears. They make her look cute.

It reminds me of this story.

(For the record, I think Kate Hudson’s “dumbo” ears [re: a comment] look awesome.)

Honestly, I think Samantha looked cuter with her cup ears.

Samantha Shaw

But maybe that’s just me.


Do we need to be reminded of this and THIS? (Yay, OB!) Also this, this, this, and this.

Oh, and this and this.

Uhm… Yeah, that’s all. I think.

Sure, bullying happens.

But you know what?

The people who are doing the bullying have probably been bullied themselves. Or they have no real friends or people they feel they can turn to for love.

Momma knew a girl in high school who threatened to beat her (Momma) up. Finally, Momma figured out that this girl had no friends, and that’s why she was so mean to others.

And my dad keeps saying that all it takes to get a bully (one bigger than you) to leave you alone is one swift pop in the face. Because typically they’re cowards and pick on people they believe won’t defend themselves.

If you’re ever being bullied, for goodness sake, STICK UP FOR YOURSELF. Chances are pretty good that that bully will eventually leave you alone because they know you’re not afraid of them.

Why an elephant?

This makes me giggle.


Hurt people hurt people.

Just be nice to people. Especially those you consider your enemies.