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I keep getting these flashes of church things.

Things that deal with Mother’s Day.

A “poem” of sorts that was printed in our church bulletin a few years ago.

A poem (for real) that my best friend M and I spent on Wednesday night writing together. And then got to read at an event around Mother’s Day. That must’ve been in May 2008 or before, since she died in November of 2008.

Also, my grandmother (dad’s mom) died in May of… 07? I think it was 2007. It was before M died, anyway.

My mother asked me to sign a card for my grandmother (mom’s mom) today.

I still don’t have a card or a gift for my mom.

I suppose I could run out and buy something now, since she’s out of the house for a while.

Tonight’s our annual Adult Prom at church.

I’m probably going to help babysit kids.

I offered to help because I wasn’t sure how many teens would be helping with the Prom and how many of them would be babysitting, and I know that there will be at least 6 or 8 kids there tonight. Probably more than that. So I offered to help and got “I’d love you for it” in reply. Okay then. 🙂

Yeah, I think I’m going to run out and get at least a card for my mom.

I also have a little homework to do.

I have to finish typing a paper for Monday. Stupid professor. I stayed home from school Wednesday and Friday because I felt yucky. I managed to go on Thursday, but wasn’t fully recovered from Wednesday’s yuck yet, I don’t think. But I went, because I actually care about those classes.

And I found out that I’m not exempt from my History final like I hoped I would be, so I have to write a paper for that too. And take the test on Thursday. Oh boy. :\

But I don’t have to take my Cultural final if I don’t want to, because I’m guaranteed 80% on it due to good attendance. Yay! So I’m not going to drive 15 minutes to spend 5 minutes on a test. That would be a waste of gas (which is nearly $4 a gallon here. Yuck.). So I’m not going to bother.

And my Spanish final… Well, even if I take it and do well, I’ll probably still end up with an F in the class. Which might mean I have to retake it, but I’m done with this school after Thursday. I’m not going to worry about it. My mom already knows I’ve been struggling, and I should’ve dropped it, but I didn’t, so… I get to deal with that consequence. But really, language courses should not be offered online because you don’t get the speaking practice. Ugh. And I’m pursuing French for sure in the fall; not sure I’ll keep going with Spanish. And if I do, I’ll be taking it on-campus instead of online.

So, that’s where I’m at, I guess.

I don’t know how long this paper for this stupid prof has to be anymore; I have a feeling at least a page, but I’m having trouble getting it to even that much.

The History paper should be at least a page, and when I finally figure out what I’m going to write about (three accomplishments of the 20th century and three failures), I should have no problem writing at least a page.

I’m just not thrilled about this.

This is the most annoying finals week. ever.

I’m okay with taking the History final, but I have a feeling both the test and the paper are going to be really lame.

My IPComm (stupid prof) final? Yeah, I can’t find my sheet with the questions on it. I have around half of it done, but I’d like to be able to do the whole thing… And the final paper he’ll probably fail me on anyway. The first paper we wrote in this class was about ourselves, and he gave me a C because of “lack of effort.” Who does that? Jerk. 😦

So I will be very glad when Friday the 13th (ohmygoodness) rolls around.