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I know it’s late.

I know I should be finishing homework.

I know I should go to bed soon.

But I can’t do that untilย I share a little.

First, something funny, and the title of this post.

Have you seen this??

I love it.

I WANT one of those bubbles. Especially right now.

Last night (Saturday), the youth pastor was apparently counting on me to watch eight children by myself.

That was not happening.

I was so thrilled when one of the moms asked if her daughter and a friend would be welcome to help me watch kids.


So that was good.

If they hadn’t been there, I would’ve had to make the pastor give up one of his teenagers, or call someone to come help me. Which wouldn’t have been fun.

But aside from a couple of kids getting kicked accidentally during a game, and one kid not listening to direction, everything went okay.

Except it went longer than I was expecting, by at least half an hour.

And then I stuck around to help clean up a little, and went home.

Today was good.

We played trivia in Sunday school, movies and Bible, and MY TEAM WON.

I’m not a game person.

But if it’s trivia, you can bet I’m in on it.

And when it comes to Scooby-Doo and Star Wars and Disney…

Don’t mess with me.

TV Moms and Comic Books…? Not so much. But my team members were good on those categories.

And Bible… Well, we had a guy who helps teach Sunday school with us for several of the Bible questions. Which was good. ๐Ÿ™‚

I like trivia. And when it comes to Bible trivia, sometimes I’m my own team. ๐Ÿ˜‰

After Sunday school, we went upstairs for service, during which we had Communion.

Today’s sermon was about following Jesus.

We’ve been talking for the last month or so, leading up to Easter, about meeting Jesus, and now we’re on to following.

It was a pretty good transition.

And the pastor had an interesting … analogy? Metaphor? Example? Whatever.

He talked about his dog.

They’ve had some construction at their house lately, and their dog’s routine has gotten messed up, because she can’t go out to the backyard like usual. So our pastor has to take her into the front yard and try to get her to do everything there.

She’s so stuck in her routine that she just sits there and gives him a dumb look like, “What am I doing here?”

He asked the question, “Can you realte to my dog?”

Because sometimes we do that with Jesus; we know Him, but we’re not ready to follow Him and kinda sit there like, “What?”

The pastor said it much more eloquently than I, but I think you get the point, huh?

So that was cool.

And we sang a few sangs that I’ve missed hearing.

And it was good.

And then I came home, ate lunch, and have been kind of hanging out since.

I gave my mom a card for Mother’s Day. ๐Ÿ™‚

And that’s pretty much my day.

I’m not excited for finals, but I’ll get through it.

Although… prayers would be appreciated, I guess.

OH! Did I tell you? My grandpa had his surgery, and it went well. Now he’s got several weeks of not being able to move his arm except for during therapy. Other than that, I think he’s all right now.

And my dad’s friend D is home now; he needs someone with him all day every day for at least a month, so the church is trying to step in and get someone to take over when his wife can’t be there.

OH! And one more funny thing. Since it’s Mother’s Day (almost over here, but bear with me), we watched this. And I think it’s funny (if a little hard to understand at times), so I’m sharing.