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So, today at work, I discovered that my coworker/friend is potentially slightly psychic*.

She told me that one of our other coworkers just recently found out she’s going to have a baby!!

That’s not the psychic-y part.

That comes in with my friend’s prediction that it’s a boy.

She’s quite certain.

The last time she predicted the gender of a friend’s baby, she was right.

So I told her that if she was right about this baby, I would ask her the gender the next time I find out someone’s pregnant. 🙂

*This is not to say that I necessarily believe that psychics are correct/real. I was joking with my friend.

Also, she told me that she had a strange dream last night.

This dream involved the two of us at college next year (which is weird, ’cause we’re going to different schools), being roommates.

All right, awesome.

But there’s a catch: in her dream, I have a boyfriend.

He’s cute, apparently, and quite a gentleman.

But the weird part is, he’s pretty much a stalker.

She shared that I had a box of letters and poems he’d written me–some from before we’d even met.

Also, he went EVERYwhere with me.

The two of us girls would be going out to a movie or shopping, and the boy would tag along.

The time that we finally went somewhere without him, he showed up anyway.

And finally, finally, my friend convinces me that the guy’s obsessed and that I should stop seeing him.

All throughout her telling me about the dream, I’m going, “Ehhh. Stalkerrrrrr.” and stuff like that. Because I can totally see that the guy’s obsessed. I guess my dream-self couldn’t until it was pointed out.

Which I guess in the way it sometimes goes in real life, huh? =\

But that’s not my point.

What struck me today while my friend & I were talking about this dream was the question:


Why would anyone be obsessed with me?

In all the things I’ve ever read or seen or heard about obsessions & stalkers, there’s always something that draws the stalker to the stalked.

And I surprised myself, to be honest, with that question, Why.

Sure, I’m curious as to what would make something obsessed with me.

But what surprised me was that I’m still asking why.

I think I posted a while back about this, too, but I can’t find it at the moment.

Asking “Why would someone be obsessed with me” is, to me, a few steps up from “Why would anybody like me”.

And there are plenty of reasons for people to like me.


I’m smart.
I’m relatively funny.
I’m thoughtful.
I’m caring.
I’m trying to learn to be more patient.
I listen. (Most of the time.)
I love hugs.

Umm.. yeah. 🙂

Kay. I think I’m done.

For now.

Tomorrow’s church—screen both services, and a concert in the evening! 🙂

Annnnnd I’m done with school, so I don’t have to worry about homework!! I can hang out in the afternoon instead. 😀

Mkay, I’m going to finish my TV show (Law & Order: SVU, a rerun) and perhaps head to bed… Since I have to be up by 7 or so tomorrow…