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I don’t share a whole lot about my family’s personal lives here, just because… I guess because I’m more comfortable that way.

But after reading this post, I decided it was time to open up a little bit more.

You know about my grandfather having surgery a few weeks ago (haven’t heard anything back lately, but I think he’s doing fine).

But what you don’t know is that my dad was diagnosed with something recently.

Number one, he’s got high blood pressure.

Okay, we can deal with that. He’s taking pills for that.

But number two, and most important/terrifying of all, is that they found a little bit of cancer.

He had his annual physical a few weeks ago, and some of his levels were a little high.

Not high enough to be super-dangerous, but high enough that the doctor did some tests.

And some of his blood samples came back … well, iffy.

Long story short, he’s got prostate cancer.

And I’m terrified.

This is what killed our neighbor.

Granted, he didn’t have surgery (he did some other treatment) and the cancer came back and spread and killed him.

But my dad’s going to have the surgery on Monday (the 23rd), and hopefully that takes care of everything.

We know a guy at church whose PSA levels were much higher (his was aggressive cancer), and he had the surgery (nearly 10 years ago now) and he’s fine. He goes in every couple of months for a shot or a blood test or something, just in case, but like I said, his was a much worse case.

Still, I’m scared.

I’ve told several people at church (mostly the leaders), and a lot more of the congregation knows because Dad’s been mentioning it.

And our family knows. We told them at Easter. (Awkward, but we were all together and wanted them to know sooner rather than later.)

So I have support.

But I’m still scared.

I’m terrified that something is going to go wrong during the surgery.

I’m terrified that the cancer will come back. And spread, like with my neighbor.

I’m terrified that something will go wrong after the surgery, while Dad’s home recovering for a few weeks.

So if you could, please, pray?

Especially on Monday, but before that if you feel like it.

Pray for the doctors.

Pray for my dad’s recovery.

And if it’s not too much to ask, pray for peace. For me. And my mom. And maybe my sister. I don’t know how they’re dealing with it, but I take things really hard; I worry a lot.


And if you could, maybe remind me of some verses to look at in the next few days and weeks to come? I’m probably going to need them.

And if my posting is way more sporadic than normal in the next month or so, it’s probably because I’m helping my dad while he’s home recovering.

I don’t think I say this enough, probably because there are only a couple of people ever commenting regularly, but I really appreciate this thing called Blogging. I appreciate the community, the extra laughter and support it brings me on a regular basis. Thank you for that.