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One more Dad post.

Though there’ll probably be at least one more…


I hung out with my dad practically all day today.

I got there a little after nine (after stopping by work quickly), and left just before four.

Oh, I left for around 20 minutes to come home and eat lunch and check the mail and stuff.

But other than that, i hung out in the hospital room for nearly eight straight hours.

They kicked me out for maybe 15 minutes around 2-ish so that the nurse could show my mom how to change some stuff, so I went in search of the only vending machine on the entire floor. Only set of vending machines, I should say, I guess… Bought myself a bag of chips and a bottle of lemonade. Finished the chips while staring into a fish tank. That was exciting. Took a picture of the fish to send to two best friends, and sent a text to one of them to feel better soon—she had her wisdom teeth removed this morning. I had that done a couple of years ago, and it’s not fun. =\ She appreciated that I was thinking of her. 🙂

I brought my laptop (thought it was funny/interesting that nobody stopped me to see what was in my backpack…), but I couldn’t get onto the internet. 😦 So I read a little bit, and talked to Dad, and tried to not fall asleep.

Who knew spending all day in a hospital room could make you so sleepy??

So… yeah. That was my day.

My mom showed up around 2 (hence being shown how to change things), and we both left at the same time.

I got a phone call right before we left, asking if I could babysit tonight. Said yes, because I have nothing else to do and I have no idea who else they’d find on such short notice. So I get to go babysit for … eh, two and a half or three hours? Somewhere in there. Four kids. I’ve watched them once or twice before. I don’t think I’ll have to worry too much about bedtime; I think Mom or Dad should be home just about in time for that. And I don’t think I have to feed them, but we’ll see… I’m going to eat at least a little some (a sandwich or something) before I go over, so that I don’t get super hungry (and cranky) while I’m babysitting.

And they have a dog!!!! The last time I babysat, the dog was new. She’s rather large (well, tall-ish; almost like a labrador maybe?? I think she’s kind of a mutt…), and very friendly. 🙂

Four kids, ranging from around two to about… eight?? I think the oldest is maybe about eight. I think it’s probably around two years between each of the kids. It’s a good spread. They’re a little crazy, but I managed them last time (mostly because one of them was sick…), so hopefully it all goes well tonight!

Our main pastor (we have five, each with their own specific area to focus on) called this morning, as did my grandpa, to check on my dad. And then the pastor who’s the newest to the congregation (been here… a year and a half, maybe? Almost two years?) stopped in to chat for a little while. She gave me a hug right before she left. That was nice. 🙂 And she told us that the room my dad was in is like our church’s room. A guy from church was in this exact room last week after he had a surgery. Hahaha. 🙂

Hopefully Dad gets out tomorrow, but we’ll have to see. If he has to stay ’til Thursday, he has to stay ’til Thursday. We’ll deal with it. But he’s looking and feeling and sounding a lot better today, which is good! He got “real” food for lunch today. Solids! Yay! They let him have soup and bread and even cookies! Haha. 🙂 He ate pretty much all of it, which is good. He’s on a different schedule in the hospital than he’s used to; he’s had to adjust a little the last couple of days. But he’s doing fine. And I’m glad.

It’s weird to see him so dependant on others and just kind of stuck.

He said this morning his nurse caught him laughing and asked what was so funny. Three days ago he was running/biking in a duathlon, and today he’s stuck using a walker.

But it’s weird.

He’s so active, and now to see him stuck in a bed with nothing to do other than watch TV and read and walk up and down a hall…? It’s strange.

It’ll be at least a couple of weeks before he can ditch the catheter and start running again, two more weeks ’til he can bike, and another two weeks before he’ll be allowed to swim. But he’s taking it all in stride. He doesn’t seem bothered by it. He’s focused on meeting his daily goals to be able to leave the hospital and come home (where he’ll still be limited), and hitting those weekly milestones after coming home.