They let him out. πŸ˜‰

Dad’s been home about an hour, and he’s resting.

My grandpa just called and talked to him for a few minutes. And a lady from church called a little before that just to see how he was doing.

He’s got his newspaper and some books; he should be all right.

He gets the stitches out next week, and the catheter should be finished the week after that. Which is nice, because the catheter is the most uncomfortable part of this whole situation.

I’m hoping by the end of this week or next he’ll be up and about more, but for now we’ll let him rest and take things slowly.

He’s not allowed steak or pizza or anything like that for a while, just because of the digestion issue, really. I guess when you’re given anesthesia (which he didn’t tolerate very well. Oops.), it messes up your digestive tract or something for a little while. Something to do with gases or expansion or something? I don’t remember. I just know that it screws up something and you’re not allowed to eat certain things for a while.

Anyway, he’s getting better—slowly but surely! And he doesn’t seem to mind too much that he’s slow for now. He’ll ease back into movement. Right now, especially after all the work it took him to get in and out of hospital, car, and house, he’s slow in speech as well as movement. It’s kind of like he’s having trouble catching his breath after the effort of moving so much?

Anyway, he’s home, and if he needs anything, he’ll let us know. I’m just glad that everything should be taken care of. They took some lymph samples when they were in doing the surgery, just to test & make sure everything’s gone, I think, so hoepfully the tests come back clean. I don’t know when we’ll get those results back, but I’m hoping surgery took care of everything. It doesn’t sound like he’ll have to have chemo or anything, but we’ll see…

So, yeah. For now I’m just glad that he’s home and focused on healing!

Thank you, again, for thoughts and prayers. I really do appreciate that you’re thinking of and praying for a family you’ve never met. This is why I love the Internet. πŸ™‚ β™₯