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My mom took my dad to the ER last night, and left me a note this morning (she was asleep when I got up) that he’s got blood clots in both of his lungs.

He’s on a blood thinner, and has to stay in the hospital at least ’til Monday probably. They’re giving him a shot every few hours or something that’s supposed to help too.

We’re going to visit family tomorrow, but we’re not staying as long as we would’ve with Dad in tow, probably.

I stopped in tonight after work for a few hours—my mom and I ate in the hospital cafeteria and hung out for a while.

There’s so much love in that room.

Three cards, a post-it note, and a note on a Kleenex box.

That’s right, our pastor wrote a note on a Kleenex box. Because he’s awesome.

My aunt called and talked to Mom, and then Dad and Grandpa talked.

We watched National Treasure—the last half hour or so, anyway.

Mom’s going to stop in tomorrow morning I think. Then she’ll go get Grandma and we’ll head to my uncle’s house where we’ll visit with aunts and uncles and cousins.

I keep just about crying every time I leave the hospital.

I don’t like that fact.

…I really don’t know what else to say, other than I appreciate the thoughts and prayers (and hugs! Hugs are amazing.).