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“Thank You, God!!”

That was my night tonight.

Actually, I was only needed for the first hour (out of two) tonight. Tomorrow night I’ll be needed for the whole thing.

VBS. Vacation Bible School.

This summer’s theme is “Panda Mania: Where God is WILD About You!”

They’ve gone through three nights and four “Bible Buddies” now:

Fez the Pheasant, who taught them that God made them

Amanda the Red Panda, who taught them that God listens to them

Boomer the Panda, who taught them that God is always watching over them

and tonight was Pogo the Snow Leopard Cub (ADORABLE), who taught them that God loves them—no matter what!

After each phrase, they’re supposed to yell “Thank You, God!”

It’s really quite cute.

I was there to help with the screen—the DVD and music portion of the evening. Tomorrow night I’ll do it again, but they’ll need me longer. Tonight we all got a little mixed up on timing—something was supposed to happen at the end of the night but happened toward the beginning instead, so they’re going to skip tonight’s ending song. So I really wasn’t needed. So I hung out and took some pictures (and got my picture taken by one of the wandering photographers!) and then came home.

Tomorrow night should be fun, though. I’m planning on hanging around with the kids and maybe plugging myself in with one of the Panda groups, going from station to station with them. Or at least making the craft. I don’t know. Something.

But it got me thinking.

No matter what.

A while back (er, last year? Year before?) I had a thought that kind of goes along with this.

God isn’t necessarily always proud of the things that we do (sometimes we mess up—big time!), but He will never stop loving us.


Make sense to you?

Like, you can be disappointed in someone and still love them, right?

Because love is not supposed to be conditional: “I love you if you [don’t do this].” Love is to be unconditional: “I love you even though [this happened].”

It just struck a chord with me tonight, because of some things that have happened recently around here.

No matter what I’ve done, God will always—ALWAYS—love me.


THANK YOU, Jesus! 🙂

I hope you know that, too.

There is nothing—absolutely NOTHING—you can do to make God not love you. It just isn’t going to happen. You might disappoint Him (like you sometimes disappoint your parents or yourself…?), but you will never lose His love.