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I was going to type “I’ve been blogging for a year this Tuesday” and then I realized that’s incorrect.

I’m a month off.

I’ve been blogging for 11 months.

More on that in July when it’s actually my “Blogiversary.”


I’ve been putting my bedroom back together since our exchange student has gone home.

Thursday night we had a party for her, during which I ate too much ice cream.

Last night I worked, and then I worked all day today.

Now I hear a dog barking outside my house.



Dad is getting better, I think. Slowly but surely, anyway.

Oh. My room. Yeah.

I’ve been hauling stuff back up the stairs (and around the corner) and I’ve come to realize that I don’t have all that much stuff.

Not in my room, anyway.

I’ve got a bed, a bookshelf, a dresser, a closet, a nightstand…oh, and a lamp! But that’s basically all the furniture.

And the closet isn’t even furniture, it’s built into the wall…

Within that closet and those dresser drawers, and on those shelves, are my things. Clothing (not much of it, especially when compared to my sister’s clothing), a few picture frames, some stuffed animals, a few decorative things.

There isn’t much there.

And I don’t even need all of what’s on those shelves, really. I just keep the stuff because it’s got sentimental value or looks good on the shelves or walls.

My room looks… almost empty. It’s strange.

Sure, I’ve got all that stuff, but it’s spread out quite a bit more than it was when I had it downstairs in my corner.

Now I feel like I have too much space. And that’s strange to me.

I’ve been basically living in this jail-cell-sized corner of my basement for almost a year, and I come upstairs into this slightly-bigger room and I feel like I’ve upgraded drastically.

Has anything like that ever happened to you?

Like maybe at summer camp, or on a vacation where you’re in a cabin or a hotel room as your “homebase”?

Does it feel strange to go home to more space? Maybe a bigger bedroom or more privacy?

I never thought about it after coming home from summer camp, but I had so much more space at home than in those cabins. One-room buldings full of shelves and bunkbeds, and living out of a suitcase for a week.

At home, I have my own room. My own closet. My own dresser. My own bed. A door (which was something I didn’t have downstairs—we hung up curtains).

But next year I’ll most likely be sharing a room with at least one other person. I’ll have kind of a designated portion of the closet, and probably a designated set of drawers.

Not to make it sound like a bunch of regulations or anything; I just mean I’ll have to share!

And coming home on breaks and for summer will be weird. I imagine I’ll have gotten used to sharing space by Christmastime, which will be probably my first long break at home. To come back to my own bedroom, my own closet, my own space… It’s going to be different.

The other day I was telling my dad that I really like going to IKEA and seeing how (at least in our store) they make use of small spaces (you might be able to find different/better videos or photos; I just grabbed a link that seemed promising).
I think HGTV showcases small homes sometimes, too. 

I told him that I’d like to live in one of those kinds of places after I’m first out of school, when it’s just me (and maybe a cat).

My reasoning is that number one, it’s probably not very expensive; and number two, it’s just cool!! It’s so creative. I just feel like it would be fun to tell people that I can actually survive living in a super-small space that has really creative ways of storing things and stuff like that. I probably couldn’t host guests very easily, at least not very many… Haha. But oh well. If I could find a place just big enough to live in for a while after I’m done with school, I think I might be pretty happy.

Because who needs a mansion? If I can survive in a corner of my basement for almost a year, I can handle a 400-square-foot apartment, don’t you think?