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Anybody seen the movie Happy Feet?

Remember this scene?

Mumble is so cute. 🙂

Today, I was spontaneous (or, as Mumble pronounces it, spontanuous).

After church, at least.

I went out to lunch.

With another leader from church.

Who happens to be my boss’s wife, but that’s not super important.

We were talking after service today about how neither of us had plans because her family was gone for the weekend and my family was probably eating leftovers and neither of the girlfriends I usually eat with after church were there.

(Long sentence is long.)

And so we decided we would go to Subway together.

And I had fun.

We talked about a lot of things.

But as much as I enjoyed the talking, I really REALLY appreciated that this gal took some time out of her day (not that she was all that busy) to hang otu with me and buy me lunch. It really did brighten my day quite considerably, because otherwise I was going to go home and probably be grumpy because I had no one to go anywhere with.

Which is how I spent a lot of my Sundays during the school year, because I was the only college kid in the congregation, really, and nobody invited me out after services and I refuse to invite myself anywhere because that’s just awkward. Also I rarely went out with the highs chool bunch because I don’t feel that I fit with them. I very much prefer adults, just because I feel that I fit in with them a little better.

Anyway, YAY for spontaneous lunch dates and feeling loved. 😀