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So today I found out who my roommates are for next year. C & A.

Put my first initial in there and you get CAB. Or CAR if you go with my full first name. 😛

I checked out their (quite private) Facebook pages and found out that we have a few things in common, which is good.

We’ll be in a triple room, which means a one-bedroom apartment with three people.

We’re going to have to cram three of us into one bedroom. Which is what my best friend is going to be doing. Hoepfully it works.

I checked, and neither of them is Facebook friends with L.

But they are Facebook friends with each other.

Which means that either

A) they knew each other before this year (A’s page doesn’t list where she grew up; they could’ve gone to high school together. Or maybe they’re related.)
B) they roomed together last year (and possibly the year before)
C) they becames Facebook friends recently, after finding out they were roommates

B is the option I’m kind of worried about.

If they’ve been roommates before, they may not want to add another person to the mix.

I selected my room late—the day after the draw was supposed to have ended, I think? They emailed me and told me they were going to leave it open for an extra couple of days because I missed the original window.

They might have just assumed they would be the only two in the room, and were fine with that. If they roomed together (or were friends) before this year, they probably requested each other as roommates.

I’m just a little worried about how this is going to work.

I’m worried that they won’t want to add a third person to the apartment.

I’m worried that they will get along really well and maybe not want to get to know me.

I need to stop worrying.

I’m going to wait a couple of days and see if they contact me.

I got an email confirming that I was placed in the room I selected (randomly, without knowing who else was in the apartment).

I’m hoping that the school sent the girls an email informing them that the room is full now.

That or they double-check the website and realize there’s another person on their list of roommates.

If I don’t hear anything by the end of the week (like, Friday), I think I’ll email them and see what they think of the situation.

And who knows? Maybe they’ll be glad to have a third person in the room. Even if it means a little less space… Hah.  Maybe they chose the triple room because they wanted three people. I won’t know until I talk to them, I guess.

The way I was looking at the floor plan, it seemed like there would be two of us. But three is okay. It’ll be tight, but at least it’s only two other people to deal with and not five! (Up to six people in a suite; five or six people in two-bedroom apartments.)

So. I guess prayers for peace and not freaking out anymore would be appreciated.

And also for my roommates to be super awesome and not mind a third person!

AND I’ve got more Dad news. He went to the doctor today and found out he can go back to work half-time next week. Full-time a week or two after that, depending on how he’s doing. So that’s good news! 😀