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So today I left my house to go to work.

In just a Tshirt and jeans (Fridays are more casual; we’re allowed to wear nice jeans).

I left my back windows rolled down a bit.

Until about 6:30pm, everything was fine.


You guessed it.

It started raining.

Really hard.

I got pretty much soaked running from the store’s back door to my car.

Did I mention that I had to park a little further away than I would’ve liked?

They’re repaving the parking lot, so we’re not allowed to park in what I would call our regular places.

I mean, I was still in the general vicinity of where I usually park, but… I guess it felt farther away because of the rain?

I don’t know.

Either way, I had to run through the rain from the store to the car, and from the car into the house.

That was a huge thunder clap.

Are the angels & saints bowling?

That’s what some of my friends and I decided when we were young: if it’s thundering out, the angels are bowling.

None of this “vampires playing baseball” stuff.

The angels are bowling.

Yay Google.

I wonder who’s winning? šŸ™‚

Or there’s this, but I prefer bowling.


Yes, thank you, Mother Nature. I totally needed a second shower today.

I had more typed out, but my internet was being stupid and I really couldn’t do anything but close my window and hope that this post had been saved as a draft.

Stupid internet.

I had something about Pajama Sam:

Pajama Sam!

Did anyone else play this game? I only ever played a little bit of it, a demo, I guess. But I played the original with Darkness.

So… yeah.

I’m watching The Glee Project on Oxygen.

They’re being complimented by Darren Criss. Ohmygosh.

I can’t believe I haven’t watched this show before. It’s pretty cool.

There’s this girl in the 12, Ellis. She’s flippin’ adorable.

She’s 18, but she looks 10. And jokes about it, but she is sick of it.

I like her. šŸ™‚

Something has come up on this episode, something that srtikes me as being a Flawless Friday kind of thing.

Flawless Friday!

They’re being pushed.

These people, ranging from I guess 18 to like 22, are being pushed quite hard.

They’re being treated almost too roughly, I feel.

Sure, you’re pressed for time and you’re supposed to be prepping yourself to be on seven episodes of Glee.

Sure, it’s supposed to be serious.

But if this is how the cast of Glee are really treated… dang. I have a whole lot more respect for them.

They’re pushed pretty hard.

They’re used to it by now.

These contenders are not used to all of these famous people around them.

This one guy, he’s like shorter than I am!! It’s strange.

These kids are filimg a music video (which is actually pretty cool), and although it’s a lot of work, it looks like they are having fun.

I don’t know. That just kind of struck me.

It’s a little disjointed, but… that’s how my brain works sometimes. šŸ˜›