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I got a response back from a roommate!

C messaged me back today. 😀

She seems very nice.

She and A were roomies last year.

C hadn’t gotten anything from the school about another roommate, so it was a good thing I contacted her…

She’s going to be abroad for Spring semester next year, but I’ll have the rest of the summer and all of Fall semester to get to know her at least.

The great thing is that she’s maybe going to be near us in a few weeks! “Near” being about two hours, which is pretty much nothing. So we might be able to get together for a little while!!

I guess she and A get together pretty frequently, from what I can tell. They must be from around the same area, because C said they’ve been friends since high school.

Anyway. Now that I’ve gotten one pretty positive response back, I’m not nearly as nervous!

Now if only Miss A would get back to me… Heh.

Edit: A friend-requested me on Facebook. 🙂



I’m watching Growing Up on Animal Planet.

This story is about a black bear in Minnesota.

His name is Charlie, and he’s super cute.

Just thought I’d share. 🙂