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I went to check our mail around noon today (because it usually gets here by then), and found no mail.

My mom came home soon after and asked what time my sister left, which was probably right before noon.

Mom’s guess is that my sister’s car was too close to the mailbox for our mail-lady’s liking.

See, she’s left us notes before about how our cars are too close to the mailbox.

But seriously?

Can’t she get out of her cute little truck and stick the mail in the box herself?

I know the truck is conveniently built so that she can pull right up to mailboxes and stuff them with mail, but really?

Is she not capable of getting out of the truck and walking around the car?

I think she’s just lazy. 😦

If any of you have any other theories, feel free to throw them out there, but I really just think she is being unreasonable.

Have any of you ever had experiences like this with someone? =\


Also, something I’ve failed to mention.

I have a Tumblr.

I’m not on it a whole lot, but it’s kind of neat.

Just in case you wanted to know where else on the internet you can sometimes find me…