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…around us are sent from Heaven above. So thank the LORD, oh thank the LORD for all His love.

I wish I could find a better one with lyrics, but this will do.

I went to tonight’s performance of Godspell at church and was struck by this song.

I’ve heard it three or so times before, but tonight it really stuck with me.

All good gifts are sent from Heaven.

Also Save The People.

Is it Thy will O Father that men shall toil for wrong? No! say Thy mountains, No! say Thy skies!

The people, Lord, the people! Not thrones and crowns, but men!

God save the people! For Thine they are! Thy children as Thy angels fair.


I just felt like that was kind of relevant.

And it’s not just gifts like your abilities and talents, though those are good too. It’s the basic things like having a roof over your head and a car to drive.


God does not make junk.

You are His masterpiece.

Is He makes everything glorious, and He made you, what does that make you? (David Crowder Band paraphrase)

GLORIOUS. And a masterpiece. Because God. Does not. Make. Junk.