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Yesterday one of our female pastors gave the sermon.

She did a really good job.

This is only probably the third or fourth time she’s done a sermon for us in…how long’s she been here? Maybe two or three years? She’s the newest pastor on staff, and we like her lots. 🙂

Anyway, she titled her sermon “Life’s Not Fair!!” (AKA Keeping An Eternal Perspective).

The text she chose to use was Psalm 73 (yes, all 28 verses).

Her three points were these:

1. Pause and ponder the situation.
Psalm 73:16
Isaiah 30:15
Mark 6:31

“Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

2. Gain perspective through being in God’s presence.
Psalm 73:17-19
Psalm 46:10

3. Pursue Him and praise Him with all your being!
Psalm 73:25 & 26
Psalm 42:1 & 2


Christians… glorious destiny  Psalm 73:24

Unbelievers… swept away by sudden terrors  Psalm 73:19

Psalm 73:23-28

1 Peter 1:3 & 4

A few of the things I wrote down included:

“Life’s not fair” doesn’t stop at the playground
despair –> thankfulness –> praise
box: Pause (Christmas gift) 
nap first, then sermon
Not every action has to accomplish something
And you? How/where do you hit the Pause button?
Prayer garden
We get it — we’re not there enough
73:2 – close; almost
Asaph and Hezekiah finally got it
We’re slowly getting it.

(Asaph wrote 12 Psalms and Hezekiah was king in the Isaiah passage)

Toward the very end of the sermon, our worship pastor and his wife played and sang Laura Story’s Blessings.

It was a good way to end the sermon, I think.

And then after church I ran to Wal-Mart for snacks and water, and to McDonald’s for Happy Meals.

Because Momma S asked me to.

See, Momma did makeup for the Godspell cast, and she didn’t really have time to run errands, so she asked me to do it. Since I’d be helping yesterday afternoon anyway.

And I was hungry, and I figured since I had to be there by 1ish anyway (I finished errands by about noon), I would get myself a Happy Meal and just hang out with cast ’til the show.

So I did.

And it was fun.

And after the show (the final one. :() I ran to Wal-Mart again and then went to the cast/crew/band party at the director’s house.

Where I proceeded to eat too much food and laugh as kids were thrown into the pool and smile at babies and stuff.

Then I came home and watched TV with my mom and went to bed.

And now it’s Monday!