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So tonight (will probably be Wednesday by the time I hit Publish; oops) we had our first actual Junior High night.

We had all girls, other than the youth pastor and the intern, S.

S had a brief little lesson to share with us on a couple of verses from the book of John: 12:2513:34-35.

He started out, of course, by introducing himself, because none of the girls knew who he was.

He told them that when he was in Junior High (8th grade to be exact), he realized that even though he called himself a Christian, his life didn’t look any different from anyone else’s life. He decided that that needed to change.

That’s where the verses came in.

If we are living for ourselves, we’re going to fail at things.

If we’re living love (God is love, anyone?), people will realize there is something different about us—hopefully that is that we love Jesus.

I wrote down “more give to God = more joy/fulfillment.”

The more you live for God by loving other people, the more fulfilling your life is going to be.

S brought up the idea of “looking out for #1” and I wanted to say, “But God’s supposed to be #1…”

So yeah.

That was my Tuesday night.

Love, and losing life to gain more.

Besides lesson time and snacks, the group played foursquare and volleyball.

I watched, ate, played with the dog, took pictures, and hung out on the trampoline.

I attempted a round of foursquare—after prodding from the mother of the girl whose house we were at—and failed and went back to my spot on the porch taking pictures. I’m not much of a game person.

But I do like trampolines!! I had fun on that trampoline. I wish I’d had one when I was a kid… I guess I’m making up for lost time now by spending as much time as possible on other people’s trampolines…? Yeah. Sounds about right.