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First of all, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! to my friends in America. And happy first Monday of the month to everyone else, I guess. 🙂

I had a very satisfying day yesterday.

We decided we were going to wait to leave for family stuff until after we’d eaten lunch, which meant I got to go to church first! I’m so used to leaving wither Saturday or Sunday morning that getting to go to church before a family thing felt amazing.

And it was a super-good service, too!

We had a guest speaker, since our main pastor was out of town for the weekend.

A (our speaker) was here once like two years ago with his wife, J, to talk about their role in Campus Crusade for Christ.

For the last year, they’ve been living in France working with college students.

They work with students for two reasons:

1. Because most students get lost after high school. They stop coming to church for “like ten years” as A put it, and you don’t see them back again until they’ve gotten married and had kids. They want to stop that cycle.

and 2. Because students can be trained in ways that other people can’t, and can go out and reach the world for Jesus in different ways than, say, adults.

A spoke about efficiency, and how difficult it was for him at first, transitioning to life in France. He’s one of those people who believes there’s a right way and a wrong way, and his way is always right. (Know anyone like that? He says bless you if you live with one of those people!)

He talked about how he had to die to his value of efficieny, and learn to rest. Like, in France, nobody cares if you’re seven minutes late. That’s just how they work. Time isn’t that big of a deal over there. Just like my friends who’ve been to Ecuador will tell you that they encounter Ecuador time. If you show up a half hour “late,” nobody cares. And my Intercultural prof ran into that in … Puerto Rico? Idk. One of the places she lived. They call it “Tico-time” because it’s so laid-back.

It’s kind of like one bunch in my family–if we tell them we’re eating at noon, they’ll show up by one. It’s kind of become this running joke in the family that if we want them to show up at noon, we need to tell them we’re eating at 11 or something.

A mentioned that if we’re focused on Earth and its values, then we’re missing out on God’s kingdom.

He had this slide that he calls the “stop-sign-head sign.”

Let me explain.

Picture a stick person with a square head.

At home, they can comunicate easily with people of their culture and whatnot.

If they’re going to some other country, there are two attitudes they can take in the way of connecting with this other culture. They can remain stubborn and never give the other culture a chance, thus keeping their square head…

or they can take the other approach, which basically means changing their attitude to a more positive one. Little bit little, the corners of their square head get cut off, eventually leaving you with a stop-sign-shape instead.

It’s all about your attitude.

We talked about this in Intercultural class one day, how if you expect people in that other country to cater to your every need (like, expecting them to only speak your language with you, for instance), you may not be very happy.

But if you go into it knowing that things are going to be different (like, you have to learn at least the basics of their language), you’ll probably have an easier time adjusting.

A also asked three questions:

1. What kingdom do you belong to?
2. What are the values of that kingdom?
3. What is the heart of the king?

What I wrote down after this was:

Am. cit – 235 years old ; America is just another place (Because there are countries that are much much older than America, if you go by our Independance Day thing.)

1 Peter 2:9-12 ; Adam and Eve ; one nation ; Matthew

Matthew 4:23–sermon on mount ; continuation of: Gospel ; Beatitudes

poor in spirit – recognize morally bankrupt ; meek – a little to offer/humble

girl/injustices –> for her (Talking to a girl who didn’t believe in God, but also really wanted justice. A told her that Jesus wants her. Matthew 5:6) ; more than dos and don’ts

The heart of my King is to seek and save those who are lost.

Then we watched two videos of  twoFrench students who, through this Agape Bible study and conversations with A and J and other CCC workers, have come to Christ. It was pretty awesome.

It was a really good message. I appreciated it a lot.

We ended the service with these thoughts:

How are you representing your kingdom (hopefully the Kingdom of God)?
Am I loving?
Who am I loving?
Who do I need to dump some love on this week?

And then I came home to eat lunch and help pack up the car so we could go to the lake.

Except I didn’t swim. I’m not much of a swimmer. I kind of just sat around and talked and read and ate food.

My sister decided to stay home and hang out with her friends instead…

But anyway. We had fun.

The little kids wouldn’t stop quoting this:

It was funny. 🙂

I hope you’ve had a great weekend! 😀